Santa Cruz City Schools is governed by a seven-member Board of Education. Meetings are usually held twice each month on Wednesdays.

Meeting Dates and Locations

Check the district calendar for meeting dates and locations.

Goals and Objectives, 2014-15

Annually, the district and the Board of Education jointly develop goals and objectives that guide their decisions regarding policy, programs and budget allocations.

Vision Statement – Create and support a learning environment that challenges and enables students to achieve their highest potential.

Core Values – We believe...

  • that every person has intrinsic worth
  • in treating people with dignity and respect
  • that high standards and expectations foster greater achievement
  • that people thrive in safe environments
  • that each of us shares responsibility for the welfare of our community
  • that diversity is an asset in our community
  • that honesty and integrity are essential in building relationships
  • that schools must provide access and equity
  • in the critical role that public schools play in our democracy

Strategic Goals

1.  All SCCS students will be college-ready and will successfully access post secondary educational and career opportunities.

2.  SCCS students will be motivated learners who leave our system as well-rounded citizens with a broad spectrum of interests and abilities.

3.  We will eliminate the achievement gaps that currently exist between demographic groups within the SCCS student community.

4.  We will develop a highly collaborative, professional culture focused on supporting effective teaching.

5.  SCCS will maintain a balanced budget and efficient and effective management.

6.  SCCS will maintain strong communication and partnerships with its diverse community.



MARCH 27, 2015–SANTA CRUZ, CA - The SCCS Board took a major step toward demonstrating its commitment to governing effectively on behalf of the students and communities it serves by formally adopting new Professional Governance Standards at its meeting on February 25, 2015.

“We are excited to be among the school districts in the state to adopt the Professional Governance Standards,” said Claudia Vestal, Board President. “We believe these standards are an important tool that will help us with the vital task of governing our district. They are also a valuable resource for parents and the public to better understand the critical jobs that school boards must carry out on behalf of students.”

The Professional Governance Standards were developed by the California School Boards Association under the leadership of the organization’s more than 270 locally elected delegates and directors. The Professional Governance Standards provide a set of commonly agreed upon principles and practices for effective board governance in three interrelated categories: the individual trustee, the governing team and the specific jobs of the board. Board members and superintendents from throughout the state provided input during the development of the standards, which are based on the CSBA Effective Governance System.

 “We believe that locally adopting the standards not only helps our governing team, but sends a strong message that as local school leaders  we are willing to step up and be held accountable for our behavior as board members and for carrying out the critical jobs with which we are charged,” said Board President Claudia Vestal. “We have standards for students, teachers, and administrators, and now we have Professional Governance Standards for our own board as well.”

Board Governance Standards 

Board Members

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Jeremy Shonick2

Jeremy Shonick
Area I/City of Santa Cruz 
Term Expires 2018

(831) 425-3820


Deborah Tracy-Proulx
Area I City of Santa Cruz
Term Expires 2018

(831) 251-0943


Sheila Coonerty
Area I/City of Santa Cruz
Term Expires 2016

(831) 454-9449

Perez-Granados Photo

Deedee Perez-Granados
Area II/ Outside City
Term Expires 2018

(831) 498-9434

Claudia Vestal
Board President
Area II/Outside City
Term Expires 2016

(831) 476-1728

Alisun Thompson Headshot

Alisun Thompson
Area III/At Large
Term Expires 2018

(831) 212-4644



                                      Patricia Threet                                                                        Board Vice President                                   Area II/Outside CityTerm Expires 2016