Bond Projects

Major renovations at nearly every district facility were performed under bond projects from 2002-2006. Under the oversight of the Board of Education and the district, the $100 million expended continues to serve every elementary and secondary student. The bond measures, E and H, generated $85 million. In addition $28 million in state matching funds and $15 million in District funds were allocated to the modernization projects.  A Bond Oversight Committee provided oversight of all bond projects.

Parcel Taxes


 Measure I

Approved:  June  2012
Duration:  July 2013 - June 2021
Assessment: $38  per year per parcel in high school district beginning July, 2013
Funds: Grade 9-12 Library and Counseling services.
Measure J
Approved:  June 2012
Duration:a  July 2013 - June 2021
Assessment: $85 per year per parcel in elementary district beginning July, 2013
Funds:  Grades K-8 Art and Music programs, Library programs and Counseling services

Measure P

Approved:  February 2008
Duration:  July 2008 - June 2017
Assessment: $105  per year per parcel in elementary district generating $1,661,100
Funds: Grade K-3 class size reduction, lowered class sizes in grades 4-6, library services, art supplies, Life Lab, and a variety of other K-6 programs.