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Welcome to our last update of the year. The last day of term and todays will be a vocabulary lesson to help you this winter. I don’t know how up you are on your Danish, but very quick I wanted share one of my favorite words you may know: Hygge.


From the old norse for to comfort, it’s the root of the English “hug”. Hygge is a mindset of taking extra care to take extra care of yourself in the cold days of winter. License to go the extra mile to indulge yourself with an atmosphere of contentment.


For my grandmother, who liked to say “you can always tell a Dane but you can’t tell him much” that meant making frozen chocolate pie to eat in front of a roaring fire.


Hygge means these short days, fleeting light and persistent cold must be fought with a willful effort of coziness. It’s the hot cup, the bubbling pot, your thickest pair of favorite socks, the heater, the fire, the quiet restorative time at the end of your day where you rebuild your strength.


Because you know it’s important, but you don’t always do it. Well, making space for that in your day is Hygge. Hygge is the reminder that it makes all the difference.


Of course, I’m mostly talking to parents so that kind of peace might be out of reach. But Hygge is the best defense against the exhaustion of winter, so take if from a Dane: give it a go.


Okay. We are not facing any restrictions or pleas in terms of socializing or traveling over this break. But we do encourage anyone who travels far or attends gatherings to consider testing before school starts up again in January.


The drive-through testing clinics we’ve offered all year will be open with modified hours. Which you can see right here, and which we will be posting on our site and on social media throughout winter break. You can always find these hours and more info here.


A reminder to schedule your vaccination, to get your booster, and that you can still schedule student vaccinations at our drive-through locations during their modified hours over winter break. That schedule again is here. The success and safety of this protection is only getting more and more certain as four and half billion people have received the vaccine.


And finally, of course all of us at Santa Cruz City Schools want to say thank you. I said at the start of term that while we didn’t make it back to normal, we made it back together. Well we are able to come back together because of you. Because of your care, because of your courage, and because of your ability to keep going and recover a community that was fractured.


We’re not done, but we’ve come a long way. And you have earned a rest. I hope you get one. And I hope Hygge reminds you that when you need a cookie, another blanket, a mug, a moment, you need one. Take it. It’s easy to say, it’s hard to do sometimes. Hygge is your reminder.


Have a safe and happy holiday, and I’ll see you next year.

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