The Finance department is responsible for Budgets & Financial reporting, Accounts Payable, and Payroll.  The services provided include Attendance reporting, Position Control, Invoicing and Cash Receipts.


Finance Department
Jerene Lacey Director of Finance 429-3410 ext 225
Suzanne Trinchero Senior Accountant 429-3410 ext 257
Brenda Tanner Lead Account Tech 429-3410 ext 228
Susan Shisler Lead Account Tech 429-3410 ext 226
Electra Karamargin Account Tech 429-3410 ext. 270
Jennifer Roberson Account Tech 429-3410 ext 226
    429-3447 FAX
Accounts Payable
Bernie Lerman Account Tech M-Z 429-3410 ext 230
Molly Heaster Account Tech A-L 429-3410 ext 204
Michele Rix Payroll Tech (A-L) 429-3410 ext 222 
Aurea (Lupe) Rodriguez Payroll Tech (M-Z)  429-3410 ext 221