The Information Technology department is responsible for the installation, maintenance and support of:

  • Wide-area network (WAN) connecting school sites and district office to each other and the Internet
  • Local area networks (LAN) on each campus that provide Internet access to the classrooms
  • Student Information Systems managing all aspects of student records (e.g. grades, attendance, state reports, etc.)
  • District email server providing email account for every employee of SCCS
  • District antivirus servers that protect the computers from viruses and other malware
  • Anti-spam firewall to protect district email accounts from spam
  • Internet access to student records for parents of secondary students
  • Additional district servers that support administration for data analysis, backup, disaster recovery, financial reporting, etc.
  • Wireless networking on campuses

The IT Department is always working to improve the services provided. We are currently researching programs that can help our district respond to the data reporting requirements of No Child Left Behind (NCLB), upgrades needed to provide bandwidth for video in the classroom and other innovative teaching technologies as well as the increasing demand for wireless access.

Requesting Technology Support

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Curtis Gomez

Director of Information Technology

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Nathan Kosta

Lead Technology Specialist

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Junnue Partida

Lead Support Specialist for IC

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Nancie Cook

Support Specialist, CSIS, CALPADS

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Chris White

Education Technology Specialist


Peter Koeneman

Education Technology Specialist

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Todd Kramer

Education Technology Specialist


Jon Wells

Education Technology Specialist


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