The Office of Curriculum and Assessment oversees instructional materials adoption, district literacy and math assessments, Standardized Testing and the articulation of both mandatory and local assessments. Districtwide Professional Development in the elementary and secondary districts is also coordinated through this office. Other programs and services within the Office of Curriculum and Assessment include curriculum committees, monitoring and reporting No Child Left Behind compliance, review and approval of instructional materials, analysis of new course proposals for Board approval, instructional reform taskforces and articulation with higher education. The major focus of Curriculum and Assessment is collaboration with administrators and teachers to promote and enhance academic achievement for all students.

Curriculum study groups and task forces include: Elementary Literacy Leadership Committee, Secondary Portfolio Team, Visual & Performing Arts 5-Year Planning Taskforce, K-8 Math Reform Network, and the Two-Way Immersion Taskforce.

State Standards-Based Assessment is a responsibility of this department. State/Federal required testing includes California Standards Testing (CST) in grades 2-11, California Modified Assessment (CMA) in grades 3-5, Standards Test in Spanish (STS) in grades 2-7, California Alternate Performance Assessment (CAPA) in grades 2-11, California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE) in grades 10-12, Physical Fitness Testing (PFT) for grades 5, 7, and 9, APRENDA (Primary Test of Language Development for English Learners), and GATE Naglieri Testing for Grade 3 (Nonverbal evaluation of gifted talent and abilities.)

The Office of Curriculum and Assessment works with the Office of Academic Equity and Categorical Programs in the administration of the California English Language Development Test (CELDT) administered annually to all English Learners.  SCCS also ensures testing for those students who reside in the district and attend classes in County Office of Education programs or Non-Public Schools. Analysis of multiple measures of assessment ensures that the data is reliable and reflective of varied learning styles and unique student needs. Review of student performance data provides assurance that our schools utilize research-based strategies in model programs designed to meet the needs of all students.

In addition to passing the required courses for credit, high school students are required to pass two assessments in order to graduate from Santa Cruz City Schools:

  1. The California High School Exit Examination (CAHSEE); a state-mandated test in English and Mathematics, which students have multiple opportunities to pass.
  2. The SCCS High School English Language Arts Portfolio; a Board approved local assessment that requires high school students to demonstrate proficiency in multiple reading and writing genres.


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