GATE is a state-funded program for gifted and talented students in our district. Students are first identified at the end of 3rd grade. Once identified, students remain eligible for GATE services through High School. Test scores are reviewed for all students every year; when a student meets the criteria the family is notified. The District's GATE program is largely funded by the State Department of Education. A District GATE Committee consisting of parents, teachers and administrators writes the plan and advises the district office on the needs of these students.

How does a student qualify for GATE services?

Identification begins at the end of 3rd grade; services begin in 4th grade. Students are identified for GATE services through traditional methods, such as the CST scores, and non-traditional methods, such as the Naglieri Non-Verbal Ability Test (NNAT). The use of multiple methods of identification also allows for students who are gifted in the arts to have an opportunity to qualify. Identification may also come from Student Study Team, Language Review Team, IEPs and/or teacher referral. We also reach out for referrals in underrepresented populations.

What services are available to GATE students?

The District provides GATE services both centrally and at individual school sites. Services include coordination and identification, professional development, summer school, parent education nights, newsletters and support. School services may include supplemental classes, advanced classes, materials for advanced students and parent/community evenings. To learn more about a school's programs, contact the Principal.

Parent Education

The GATE program hosts Parent Education nights featuring speakers experienced in the challenges of parenting and educating gifted and talented students. Recent presenters include Martha Kaufeldticon-outbound-link.gif, Dr. Carol Dweckicon-outbound-link.gif and Victoria Olivadotiicon-outbound-link.gif

GATE Opportunity - John Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth (CTY)            CTY will be hosting a free information meeting for interested gifted students and parents! When:    Monday, October 24th 2011 at 6pm.                                                             Where:   Live Oak Community Center, 979 17th Avenue in Santa Cruz, CA 95062

Since 1979, Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth (CTY) has been deeply committed to inspiring gifted students by providing distinctive educational opportunities that nurture intellectual abilities, advance achievement, and enhance personal development. Our mission is to find students with high academic abilities, who will benefit from what we have to offer. We have been able to identify over 1 million students since the inception of the CTY and we have helped over 100,000 in our programs.
CTY's Talent Search (for 2nd through 8th grade qualifying students) is the front door to many opportunities for highly achieving children. Research shows that many gifted learners will never achieve their full potential without some type of advanced learning opportunities and resources and CTY provides just that. After participating in our Talent Search; qualifying students will have access to CTY Summer programs, CTYOnline-Distance Education courses, and Family Academic conferences. Financial aid is available for qualifying students.
Please let your gifted students know of this wonderful opportunity to learn more about CTY’s fantastic educational programs.                                                                                          As a reminder, 2nd through 8th grade students in your school who are eligible for the Talent Search should have scores at or above the 95% percentile, or have advanced levels on the California Standards Test (CST) in either the Language Arts or Math sections. Also, students part of a GATE or a gifted and talented program may be invited to participate.  For more information, please see flyer in English or Spanish.


Sue Grasso, GATE Coordinator
429-3410, ext. 297 (messages)

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